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arifa arifa
May 17, 2022
In General Discussion
Interactive calculators Another very versatile type of interactive content is calculators, as they allow customers to take control of Business Email List their own experiences and obtain personalized information. Generally, these pieces are implemented in the decision phase as a tactic to show the benefits that the buyer can obtain by choosing a solution. Interactive infographics Interactive content is an excellent means of transmitting complex Business Email List information since it allows the inclusion of various visual elements, such as graphs and diagrams. In addition to being able to count on other interactive pieces, such as Business Email List quizzes, the interactivity of these materials often appears in the form of proposed navigation. In some cases, the information is only revealed when the reader scrolls down the page or hovers the mouse over the image. In other Business Email List models, the information entered by users modifies the character of the Business Email List elements that will be displayed, considering the stage of the funnel in which they are as well as other characteristics. A good Business Email List example of what we just described is this infographic created by Right Source. Observe her carefully. Vibrant and eye-catching colors, are associated with visual resources that only become visible when the user performs an action, in this case, scrolling down the page. best practices Business Email List for creating interactive content. In the material that we have just presented, it is essential to pay attention to the way the design and copywriting are Business Email List combined. Concise, clear, and standardized texts are mixed with figures, colors, and graphics that enrich the experience. It is evident that this type of production is totally different from static pieces, isn't it? We'll talk Business Email List more about these differences in the next point. How are these differences manifested in the production process? The production process for an interactive marketing strategy is, without a Business Email List doubt, quite different from the one applied in the content marketing of static materials.

arifa arifa

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