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Spiderman: The City That Never Sleeps

Mary Jane Watson of the Daily Bugle is working on a story regarding the Maggia crime families and their activities now that the Kingpin is out of the way, leaving a power vacuum that each of the Maggia families want to claim. The police had raided one of the families recently and among the items recovered, was a lost masterpiece painting called "The Maria". The painting is currently on display at an art museum. Mary Jane receives a tip that one of the families is planning on stealing it back, and alerts Spider-Man.
Spider-Man investigates the museum and takes out several Maggia thugs before encountering Black Cat, who takes The Maria and breaks it in half, revealing that she is in fact after a data drive hidden within it before escaping. Apparently working for Hammerhead, one of the five Maggia dons, she has been hired to steal four data drives belonging to the other dons for him, which triggers a gang war between the families.

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