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The Ultimate Collection of Videos' Of Full Movie Cinematic Cutscenes 

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Assassin's Creed: Origins

In the present day, Layla Hassan, a researcher at Abstergo Entertainment's Historical Research Division, is tasked along with her friend and co-worker Deanna Geary with finding and retrieving an artifact in Egypt. However, she instead finds a tomb containing the mummies of ancient Assassins Bayek and Aya. Hoping to find any relevant information that would secure her a position in the company's Animus Project, Layla decides to relive both Bayek and Aya's genetic memories using her modified Animus without telling her superiors, despite Deanna's protest.
In 49 B.C.E., Bayek, a respected Medjay in charge of protecting the Siwa Oasis, is abducted along with his son Khemu by a group of five masked men to an underground vault in the Temple of Amun. The masked men give Bayek a golden orb and demand that he use it to open a secret Vault. Khemu helps Bayek escape, but during the struggle to kill one of the masked men, Bayek inadvertently stabs Khemu in the chest, killing him.

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