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Casual chat room for members to share tips, gaming experiences and general chit chat. Read the rules that must be followed!

Welcome to TheGamesEmpire chatbox. Here are some basic Rules! that must be followed!

  1. No Spamming: This means - do not post the same message over and over again. Members may not post links or any other direct marketing material inside the chat. However, Members may share gaming codes, tips, advice as part of the conversation with other members.

  2. Inappropriate Behaviour: This means - anything generally viewed as inappropriate may be reported to staff members and you might get banned from the chatbox for it. This includes a wide range of "inappropriate" content, among which stands pornography, exceeding gore, racist, sexist, xenophobic content, advertisements or links to inappropriate websites, images or videos, etc.

  3. The language in chatbox is English: This means - You've agreed to participating in an English speaking forum, so there will be no other languages or alphabets in the chatbox

  4. Do not argue, insult or threaten other members: Breaking this rule might get you banned from the chatbox and the site (Permanently).

  5. Do not share direct download links: This means - Any download links shared will most likely get you banned from the site permanently.

The Games Empire Chat Room
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